Cartridge MakeUp PMU

Cartridge MakeUp PMU

FANTOM Cartridge Make Up are products made of the highest quality medical plastic with surgical steel needles that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding beauticians and tattoo artists. They are distinguished from other cartridges by a delicate and balanced diaphragm that allows for faster operation with less voltage. Fantom permanent makeup cartridges from the Orakon store are perfect for making lips or eyebrows. All needles are pre-sterilized with EO gas.
Cartridges for permanent makeup - what to choose and what to know before buying

Cartridges and needles for permanent makeup from the Orakon store offer are available with 1, 3, 5 or 7 needles and are divided into basic groups according to the type of blade:

Round Liners (RL) give a clear, clean line, precision. A liner is a type of contouring needle.
Round Shader (RS) can be gently shaded or filled with color.
Magnum (MG) is a very versatile needle, most often used for shading, especially on large surfaces. More ink spent means less strokes and less skin irritation.

Fantom permanent makeup cartridges are divided according to the length of the needles:

LT - Long Taper, a needle that will leave a smaller mark in the skin and less pigment, allows the razor to pass more times over the skin without excessive irritation.
ST- Short Taper - needles with a short blade


What are the sizes of needles in cartridges for permanent makeup, what diameter should I choose?
The diameter of the needle determines the flow of the pigment. The narrower it is, the slower the flow.
0.18mm, for highly detailed lines.
0.20 mm, where the ink flow is medium, which makes them the most universal and popular needles.
0.35 mm, for shading large areas, thickening.

Permanent makeup cartridges, why is it worth choosing the Orakon store?

The cartridges available in the Orakon store offer are distinguished by the quality of workmanship, among other things, a perfectly balanced membrane that will allow you to achieve lower voltage and at the same time increase the speed of operation, so they can be safely used even with the eyelid. An additional advantage of Fantom permanent makeup cartridges are colored caps that make it easier to find a specific cartridge. The Orakon store is a guarantee of product quality, great price and safety of use.