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  • Code: PM200
  • Manufacturer: ORAKON
  • Availability: 2pcs
  • Gross price: €300.00 €243.90

High-quality device for permanent makeup and micro-needle mesotherapy

A new version of a very popular device for permanent makeup with the possibility of micro-needle mesotherapy. High range of adjustable puncture frequency up to 250NPS, precise repeatability up to about 0.25mm. The ability to control a foot pedal (not included), which allows you to stop and resume work without the need to operate the panel in the device.

The device is equipped with an inductive sensor in the handle / support for the handle. Putting the handle on the holder, it will turn off, and when lifted, it will turn on - without the need to touch the buttons of the device.

Advantages of the set:

  • CNC aluminum construction ensuring sterility
  • heavy duty rotary engine
  • LCD panel / display
  • Constant frequency of punctures, regardless of skin tension
  • work modes: eyebrows, lips, lines, mesotherapy
  • adjustable puncture depth

12-month warranty